Did you know that almost 30% of our library users in Charles County don’t have internet access at home?

The Charles County Public Library’s Mobile Hotspots have been making an impact within our Charles County community. 

On December 1, 2020 the Charles County Public Library garnered support to help grow our collection of Mobile Hotspots. We were able to raise funds for 60 new mobile hotspots on Giving Tuesday alone! If you would like to make a donation in support of growing our mobile hotspot connection, please DONATE HERE and include ‘Mobile Hotspots’ in your Donation Request. 

Thank You to Our #Hotspot100 Donors!

  • Carolyn Balentine
  • Lyndsey Beckhardt
  • Lisa Bernabel
  • Faith Bonham
  • Luwan Brown
  • Rachelle Clark
  • Wanda Creech
  • Suzanne Darby
  • Erin Del Signore
  • Gerald Elder
  • Deborah Erwin
  • Nkengi Goodwin
  • Patrice Gutrick
  • Ron & J Heck
  • Angela Hume in Memory of Jean Middleton
  • Joan Hungerford
  • Lloyd Jansen
  • Samantha Johnson
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Kurt McFarlane
  • Janet McGrane
  • Marianne Meador
  • Alexandra Moore
  • Christina Pulley
  • Christopher Ripley
  • Stephanie Rosa
  • Jessica Scalfaro
  • Hugh Smith
  • Margaret Stewart
  • KennethWayne Thompson
  • DeAnna Treadway
  • KeShaun Valentine
  • Ernestine Ward
  • Andrea Watkins
  • Karen Wilson
  • Krystal Yates