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Last Revised: 06/06/2014


The Charles County Public Library provides computer workstations for public use. Computers are provided to meet the educational, personal, recreational and professional needs of library customers.


All customers are expected to abide by the following procedures and rules for computer use in the library.
Please remember that certain computers are designated for catalog searches only.


Anyone may use the library computers for internet access or other purposes regardless of whether they have a library card or owe overdue fines.


  1. Computer use is on a first come, first served walk-in basis.
  2. Sign-in entitles customers to ONE HOUR of computer use. Maximum use per day is four hours (240 minutes).
  3. At the end of the initial hour, the current customer may continue unless there is another request for computer usage. 15 minute renewal intervals are available after the initial hour.


  1. Customers may temporarily store information to the hard drive. Please be aware that information stored will be visible to others. All information will be erased at closing each day, but no level of safety and security should be assumed.
  2. Some Software Programs are copyright-protected and may not be downloaded.
  3. Customers are responsible for damage to or loss of hardware and software due to negligence. Replacement costs will apply in cases of loss or damage to hardware and/or software. Parents are responsible for damages caused by children under the age of 18.
  4. The library is not responsible for loss of personal files or personal information resulting from use of computers.
  5. Use storage media at your own risk
  6. Customers who want sound must use headphones.


The cost to print is .10 per page for black and white copies. Color copies are available for .25 per page. Customers may not provide their own paper.


  1. Customers need to be responsible and considerate or you will be asked to leave.
  2. The World Wide Web can provide valuable resources, but information on the Internet is not warranted to be accurate, authoritative, or factual.
  3. The Library has no control over and is not responsible for the content of any remote sites.
  4. Users must be aware that images or text on their computer screens can be offensive to other Library customers and Library staff and may not be appropriate for viewing in a public and open environment. Remote software may be used at any time to aid in monitoring acceptable use. Staff will close any offensive web site and/or end your session.
  5. The entire responsibility for identifying, evaluating, and avoiding offensive Internet sites rests with the customer or with parents of children using the Internet.
  6. Parents concerned about Internet use by their children need to instruct their children on what they consider appropriate use of the Internet. Librarians can help locate materials to assist parents and children in learning about safe Internet use.
  7. Library computers may not be used for illegal activities or for other activities such as harassment, distribution of unsolicited advertising, introduction of computer viruses or attempting to make unauthorized entry (hacking) into other computers.
  8. Computers will be turned off without notice during severe weather conditions or as needed.
  9. Computers will be assigned randomly.
  10. Customers will be responsible for navigating websites and software. Staff assistance is limited.
  11. First priority for computers in the children’s area shall be given to children. Adults may be reassigned to a computer in the adult area.


Library cards are FREE and give you access to the endless possibilities CCPL offers. Looking for ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies and more? Sign up for a library card today and you can get all of that and more for FREE. Check out the list below to see what type of library card is right for you and your family.

Who Can Get a Library Card?

You! Your kids, your sister, your grandfather, your dog–OK maybe not Fido, but library cards are free to all Maryland residents. There is an annual fee of $20 for non-Maryland residents.

What Do You Need to Get a Library Card?

A valid photo ID with your name and current mailing address is required for verification. A parent or legal guardian must accompany and sign for applicants under age 16.*

Library records are confidential.

The borrower/guardian is responsible for the card’s security, for any material checked out on the card, and for any charges incurred.

Notify the library of any name, phone number, email or address changes. Report lost or stolen cards immediately. Replacement cards are available at no charge.

*Not required for “Kids Cards”

What Types of Library Cards Are Available?

CCPL Library Card

This is the standard, full access library card available to those ages 18 and over. With your CCPL library card, you have full access to all online and digital resources, Interlibrary loan, as well as all materials available in our branches. These cards are currently valid for a 10 year period.

PACREG Library Card

A PACREG library card is a temporary card obtained by signing up for a library card online. You will receive a library card number starting with PACREG followed by a series of numbers, please keep this number as it will be used to access our services. The card will be good for a predetermined amount of time, during which a physical card should be obtained.

Library Cards for Minors 

We issue full access cards to minors* on the request and consent of the parent or legal guardian. Although the consenting parent or legal guardian is asked to sign the application, the card is registered in the child’s name and is considered to be that child’s card by the library. *Minors 16 years of age and older do not need consent from a parent or legal guardian.

What you should know about the use of your child’s card:

  • You have agreed to be responsible for any charges on your child’s card.
  • You have agreed that your child can use any library resource including the Internet with the presentation of this card.
  • You may access your child’s records at any time in the library with his/her card or online using your child’s card and password.

Kids Cards

The library issues special “Kids Cards” with limited borrowing privileges.

This card is available for kids and teens who do not have a parent or legal guardian present to sign for a full access card. A short registration form is required with the child’s first and last name and birthdate. There is no minimum age requirement for this card and it will expire when the cardholder turns 18.

Kids Cards may have a maximum of 5 items checked out at one time. Checkouts are limited to books, kits and audio books.

Your CCPL library card can be used in any public library in Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s counties. Loan policies and rules vary for each county.

Material Loan Information

Material Loan Period Overdue Fines
Books 3 weeks None
Book Express* 14 days None
Entertainment DVDs 7 days None
Educational DVDs 3 weeks None
DVD Express* 3 days None
Playaway 3 weeks None
Adult Audio Books 3 weeks None
Juvenile Audio Books 3 weeks None
Kits 3 weeks None

Express Items
Express items are new, popular items that have a shorter than normal checkout period and may not be renewed or requested.

*Currently, Express Items are unavailable, but be sure to check back for updates.

How Many Items Can You Check Out At Once?

The maximum number of checkouts for physical materials is 75 items.

CCPL is Now Fine Free!

Although we are no longer charging fines for late items, it is still important that you return your materials by the due dates so that we can keep our resources and materials available to everyone. We provide receipts to help you remember the due dates(s). You can also check your account online at and click the “My Account” button at the top of the page. Any item returned after the due date will be considered late, and if the item is not returned at all it could incur a lost fee. Fees may also be incurred for damaged items.  Payments for lost and/or damaged items are accepted by cash, personal check, credit card or money order. The check writer must have a current library card. There is a $36.00 service charge for returned checks.

A materials recovery service assists the library in recovering lost items. If referred to the recovery service a non-waivable $10 fee will be added to the account.

Click here for more information about Fine Free.

Lost or Damaged Materials

  • The charge for a lost or damaged item is the replacement cost of the item.
  • Damaged barcode fee: $2.00
  • Damaged RFID fee: $2.00
  • Replacement DVD case fee: $5.00
  • Replacement CD Book or Playaway case fee: $10.00


Auto-Renewals are not guaranteed. Most items may be renewed four times, if not reserved for another customer. Renewals are available in person and by phone during normal business hours. You will need your valid library card or the item barcode number of each item for phone renewals. To renew online please go to this Web site. You will need your valid library card and your password. Some interlibrary loan materials may not be renewable.

Reserved Items and Interlibrary Loans

For your convenience, most items may be requested from other libraries, and can be sent to the library branch of your choice. You will be notified when your items arrive. All items are held for 21 business days. Reserved items must be checked out using the same card used to reserve them. Please note: Kids Cards and PACREG cards are not able to use Interlibrary loan.

Where to Return Library Items

With a few exceptions, you may return borrowed items to any Charles, Calvert or St. Mary’s County library branch.

 Rules of Conduct