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It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference

Through the generous support of our community and donors, the Charles County Public Library was able to offer free programs and services to our community throughout 2018, a recap of which can be found in our 2018 Annual Report. We have made a great impact through the unique experiences and innovative resources we provide that helped to transform the lives of those in our community. We remain one of the trusted sources of information in a very complex world, and we have also served as a place of community gatherings, a neutral place for community conversations, a center for job seekers, a place for continuing education, a source for early literacy and digital literacy, and a place where all are welcome. All of our great work is only possible with help from our community, partners, elected officials, and amazing supporters.

Through our varied partnerships we’ve been able to positively impact our community in numerous ways, but some highlights include:

  • Offered assistance to 244 job seekers through our partner, the JobSource Mobile Career Center.
  • Introduced our community to such services as adoption and fostering programs, Adult CARE services, Medicare planning and Veterans Benefits, and business and economic development services in partnership with the Departments of Social Services, Aging and Economic Development.
  • Provided summer reading enrichment to students at all public middle schools in partnership with the Charles County Public Schools.
  • Helped 129 families with tax preparation and offered Fresh Start, a free shower program to the homeless in need, in partnership with Lifestyles of Maryland Foundation, Inc.
  • Offered a variety of programming centered on the arts through our partnership with the Charles County Arts Alliance.
  • Introduced mobile hotspots for check out, in partnership with the other southern Maryland library systems, to help bridge the digital divide.
  • Created the SOAR Innovation Space to help our community by offering a space that encourages creativity, innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, employment and lifelong learning.

As you contemplate your giving choices this year, please consider making a contribution to the Charles County Public Library so that we can continue to create opportunities for our community to engage, discover, and learn. To make a donation, please click the Donate button or visit your local branch.

Thank you for your support!


Please consider making a gift to the Charles County Public Library. Your support to the Library helps to ensure that the community continues to benefit from ongoing and special projects, including summer reading, tax preparation, nonprofit and small business programming and special events.
Tax-deductible gifts and contributions of any size are deeply appreciated and help the Library fulfill its mission of creating opportunities for the community to engage, discover and learn by providing free and equal access to information and technology and delivering programs that connect everyone to endless possibilities.

Why Support CCPL?

“There are some places you love with your heart, and there are some places that you love with your mind – the places that you love with both are called ‘libraries.’”  Frank Delaney

You can make Charles County Public Library a place like no other with your support. Your support makes possible:

  • The County’s greatest source of information, innovation, and free entertainment
  • Public spaces open to all in the region
  • Programs and services that address the needs of our community:
    • Literacy Needs
    • Achievement Gap
    • A widening digital divide
    • Finding jobs
    • Business & Nonprofit Support